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Past webinars

Tue 21 May 2024
02:30AM-03:30AM AEST
Industry Briefing Webinar: Automated Vehicles Safety Reforms Consultation

Hear from NTC and DITRDA and have your say on important reforms

Wed 15 May 2024
03:00AM-04:00AM AEST
NextGens Webinar: Showcase on SCATS

Introducing SCATS to young transport professionals.

Wed 03 Aug 2022
NextGens: Introduction to the Transport Operations Centre Webinar

How do we keep traffic flowing safely and smoothly on the Victorian road network?

Tue 24 May 2022
MAX Series: Open-Ended Infrastructure for Ground Transportation

The trillion dollar US investment in infrastructure - building pillars of future transport systems

Thu 12 May 2022
04:00AM-05:00AM AEST
ITS Australia NextGens: How did you end up here?

Join us for the ITS Australia NextGens' first online event for the year.

Wed 11 May 2022
ITS2: Green Transport

Join our next ITS2 webinar exploring the international work being done to advance clean transport.

Wed 06 Apr 2022
Community Transport of the Future

Delivering community transport that meets the diverse needs of our growing population

Wed 08 Dec 2021
Latest Developments in Transport Cybersecurity in Australia and Europe

Featuring speakers from Q-Free, Queensland Dept. of Transport and Main Roads, and iMOVE-Australia.

Tue 30 Nov 2021
When Health and Weather Events Collide

Digital Preparedness for Australian Emergencies

Tue 09 Nov 2021
How eCall in Australian Vehicles Can Help to Achieve Vision Zero Fatalities

Discover the future of driver safety and learn from experts about eCall in Australian vehicles

Wed 27 Oct 2021
Insights from the ITS World Congress 2021

Hear from, and ask questions of, those who were on the ground in Hamburg this year

Thu 21 Oct 2021
ITS Tech Talk: AI Technology for Road Asset Management

Learn how Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence can be utilized for road asset management

Wed 22 Sep 2021
Managing Transport in Clever Cities

How is the rise in data is affecting traffic management and wider use of transport?

Thu 29 Jul 2021
ITS Tech Talk: How Does a City Coordinate Timetables in Public Transport?

Learn how Melbourne creates and manages public transport timetable information

Wed 28 Jul 2021
Data Availability and Its Impact on Progressive Innovation

Discussing various perspectives on data availability and understanding the impact on industry

Wed 30 Jun 2021
ITS2 – Transport Data Sharing: Optimising the transport data ecosystem

Learn about the potential for data in the current landscape and what it can mean for the future.

Thu 17 Jun 2021
ITS Tech Talk: How are Sensors Used on Roads? How do we Detect Vehicles on the Road Network?

How do we monitor the road network in order to make real-time and high-level design decisions?

Tue 11 May 2021
MAX Series Ep. 9: The Role of Electrification in Future Vehicle and Infrastructure Technologies

Could the urgency of EVs have disruptive influences on performance and infrastructure development

Thu 15 Apr 2021
MAX Series Ep. 10: Unlocking Mobility Opportunities in Michigan

Michigan is the new hotbed of innovation - find out why, what's in it for you & how to be part of it

Wed 07 Apr 2021
ITS2 Series Episode 3: Connected and Automated Vehicles – The Human Factor

What do people want from their connected and automated vehicles.

Mon 29 Mar 2021
ITS Tech Talk: How to Tailor Transport Services for the Customer?

Learnings from Vic DOT's largest PTV next-gen app around human centered design approaches.

Thu 25 Mar 2021
Enabling Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Solutions to Cities of the Future: Connecting People, Technology and Innovation

Taking an entrepreneurial and innovative look into the transport eco-system for smart cities.

Wed 17 Mar 2021
Sharing the Young Professional's Experience

Is it time for young transport professionals in ANZ to shake up the ITS industry?

Wed 10 Mar 2021
ITS2 Series Episode 2: Active Travel

Exploring recent develops in active travel, challenges being faced and how they are being overcome.

Tue 09 Mar 2021
MAX Series Episode 8: Rolling Out Safety Advances with C-ITS or V2X

Despite a firm set of protocols, challenges remain in arriving at viable cooperative business models

Wed 17 Feb 2021
ITS Tech Talk: How Does Technology Support Effective Road Maintenance?

Out with the old, in with the new - AI delivering safety and cost benefits across road maintenance

Wed 03 Feb 2021
ITS2 Series Episode 1: Smart Motorways

Brand New Series! Sharing best practice in transport technology between United Kingdom and Australia

Wed 27 Jan 2021
Imagine a World without Congestion: How to tame a city after COVID-19

Exploring data-driven methods to combat the return of city congestion

Tue 08 Dec 2020
MAX Series Episode 7: Building Tomorrow's Connected Road Networks

Ultimately, both vehicles and infrastructure will be designed with each other in mind

Thu 03 Dec 2020
ITS Tech Talk 4 - What is AI and Where Do We See it on Roads Now?

A behind-the-scenes look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making our roads safer

Thu 12 Nov 2020
NTC In-Vehicle Safety Discussion Paper: What do you think?

Discussing the content of a new national law to keep automated vehicles safe on the road

Tue 10 Nov 2020
MAX Series Episode 6: The Digital Vehicle of the Future

Machine vision, AI, connectivity and more all represent a new era of automotive engineering

Thu 05 Nov 2020
ITS Tech Talk 3 - How do Electronic Road Signs Work?

The underlying technologies of electronic road signs, their future and role with CAVs

Tue 20 Oct 2020
MAX Series Episode 5: Workforce of the Future Supporting Secure Vehicle System Technologies

Exploring the new level of institutional capability required to support emerging vehicle technology

Thu 08 Oct 2020
ITS Tech Talk - 2 What is Required to Manage and Operate a Roadway?

A behind-the-scenes look at how experts help you traverse the road network safely and efficiently

Wed 07 Oct 2020
Introducing Perth's First Smart Freeway Project - Kwinana Northbound

Take a look at Perth's first-ever Smart Freeway and the Intelligent Transport Systems that drive it

Tue 29 Sep 2020
The State of Future Vehicles and Technology

Discussing the use of forecasts about the penetration of new vehicle technologies in the near future

Thu 24 Sep 2020
ITS Tech Talk 1 - A Day in the Life of a TMC Traffic Control Operator

What's involved in the day-to-day role of a Traffic Management Centre operator?

Tue 22 Sep 2020
Making Modern Cities

Exploring how digital technologies and data exchange help to build smart nations.

Tue 15 Sep 2020
MAX Series Episode 4: Moving Freight with Intelligent Vehicle Systems

This MAX webinar focuses on the application C-ITS and CAV technologies to the freight industry.

Tue 11 Aug 2020
MAX Series Episode 3: Test Beds for the Future

Episode 3 showcases the developing activities of leading test beds around the world.

Fri 31 Jul 2020
The Ethics and Equity Challenge for Transport

How can we deliver the most equitable, accessible transport networks possible for our communities?

Tue 14 Jul 2020
MAX Series Episode 2: Infrastructure Readiness for Automated Vehicles

What does COVID-19 mean for CAV and emerging transport technology deployments?

Wed 08 Jul 2020
Data Guidelines, Frameworks, Protocols, and Standards for Sharing

Turning trends into topics - our experts discuss legacy, security and privacy concerns around data

Tue 23 Jun 2020
Driving Real Time Experiences: Can you manage a crisis like an event?

Using data to create better customer experiences

Tue 16 Jun 2020
MAX Series Episode 1: Pieces of the New Normal

What does COVID-19 mean for CAV and emerging transport technology deployments?

Thu 11 Jun 2020
An Update from Neil Scales, Director-General of Queensland's Dept. of Transport and Main Roads

Hear about how the Queensland State Government is navigating a path to recovery from COVID-19

Tue 02 Jun 2020
The Future Use of Vehicle-Generated Data

What are the opportunities and benefits for the public, industry, and governments?

Wed 27 May 2020
4G, 5G for ITS

An integrated mobile network and short-range radio approach for high performance ITS

Wed 20 May 2020
Supporting Commercial Scale Automated Vehicle Trials in Australia

Exploring the NTC's updates to the guidelines of trials of automated vehicles in Australia.

Wed 06 May 2020
CAVs: What we need to make them work

CAVs are an evergreen topic in transport technology, how will coronavirus impact their deployment

Wed 29 Apr 2020
Work and Life After COVID-19: Impacts on the approach to transport planning and modelling

Will COVID-19 create unexpected opportunities for better intelligent transport?

Wed 22 Apr 2020
Intelligent Transport During COVID-19: The work continues

As Coronavirus affects the globe, hear how the transport industry continues to serve the nation.

Wed 15 Apr 2020
The Future of Community Transport: Making transport accessible and equitable

How can Mobility as a Service deliver accessible and equitable transport for all communities?

Tue 07 Apr 2020
Transport Access Pricing: A new way to pay?

Up next, we talk about evidence based solutions to equitably and painlessly charge for transport.

Wed 01 Apr 2020
Connectivity for safety and network efficiency

Investigating pathways to accelerate the uptake of road safety and efficiency technologies.

Tue 26 Jun 2018
Lunchtime discussion and Q&A with NTC on Safety Assurance for Automated Vehicles Consultation

Work on the public consultation on safety assurance approach for automated road vehicles.

Tue 24 Apr 2018
Mobility as a Service: What does it mean for Australia?

Investigate the potential for MaaS in Australia with key industry experts and analysts.

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