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  • Wom-Batt Underground Lithium Power Pods – Award Showcase

2 December 2021

Wom-Batt Underground Lithium Power Pods – Award Showcase

ITS Australia


In our showcase of the outstanding work nominated for the ITS Australia Awards 2021 we next look at Wom-Batt Underground Lithium Power Pods by Wom-Batt, a finalist for the Smart Transport Infrastructure Award.

Wom-Batt is a smarter, simpler, longer-lasting and theft-proof solar charged power storage solution for off-grid utilities. A truly unique underground power pod featuring a patented cylindrical design that comes ready to install. Wom-Batt power pods use lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) technology to deliver high performance and long-term stability with low toxicity, zero running costs and zero emissions. Operating efficiently at 12V–24V, Wom-Batt can be customised for power requirements between 50Ah–1,000Ah, and has TMR Type Approval (#21-05).

Wom-Batt has a design life of 15-20 years underground – far longer than traditional batteries, many of which need replacement every 3 years. It is used in many roadside systems, including solar streetlights,

flood monitoring systems, VMS, and road information signage. Other off-grid utilities Wom-Batt can powered include weather stations, sensors, CCTV cameras, vehicle activated systems, proximity sensors, impact sensors, electric fences, remote alarms, Cell-Fi boosters.

Wom-Batt was developed in close collaboration with state transport authorities to solve problems associated with traditional roadside batteries. Wom-Batt’s enclosed cylindrical design means faster, cheaper installation – a separate concrete pit is not required. Its underground placement solves the problem of roadside battery theft. An MPPT controller can also be incorporated into the design. Wom-Batt contains extra internal safety features to make it resistant to temperature changes and flooding – it is certified IP68 at 5m for 100 hours.

Wom-Batt is built to reduce energy-related costs and maximise the economic and environmental benefits of off-grid solar energy utility systems. Wom-Batt products are built for longevity and reliability, meaning they last much longer than other off-grid power solutions and rarely need replacement, reducing the amount of waste created in their disposal. The LiFePO4 technology on which Wom-Batt operates has high stability with low toxicity, making Wom-Batt safer than many conventional batteries.

Through supporting sustainable solar utilities, Wom-Batt seeks to not only meet the needs of its current customers but also to support future generations in creating healthy, livable communities by proudly supporting the Reef Restoration Foundation and the important work they perform on the Great Barrier Reef.

Learn more about Wom-Batt

Wom-Batt is an inovative Lithium Battery company. Wom-Batt has several pantented batteries and specializes in Underground Lithium Power Pods that are ready to install and are specifically designed to solve several problems associated with the powering of off grid utility systems, eliminating theft, the need for extra enclosures to save time and money with tradition expensive installations.

Wom-Batt use the latest lithium battery technology to provide safe, cost effective power solutions where mains power remains costly and problematic. Wom-Batt design and deliver solutions tailored to your project in the most cost effective way.


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