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  • Placie, A One Stop (Mobility) Shop for Consumers – Award Showcase

2 December 2021

Placie, A One Stop (Mobility) Shop for Consumers – Award Showcase

ITS Australia


In our final showcase of the work nominated for the ITS Australia Awards 2021 we look at Placie, A One Stop (Mobility) Shop for Consumers by Placie, a finalist for the Intelligent Mobility Award.

Placie is a Mobility-as-a-Service mobile application that integrates and aggregates both private and public modes of transport. Placie users require only one account to enable them to compare, book and pay for transport services such as rideshares, taxis, Black Cars and airport shuttles within the app. Placie is also a trip planner for public transport journeys and can connect mass transit to private modes of transport, allowing users to create personalised multi-modal journeys. With intermodality representing the future of mobility, Placie is a major evolutionary step in mobility technology.

With cities expanding and the lifting of pandemic restrictions creating pricing fluctuations in the private transport marketplace, it has become challenging for consumers to navigate the personal mobility maze. Placie has been created to simplify this transport landscape for consumers via one easy-to-use app, saving them time, money, and effort in the process. Placie’s transport partners are all accredited and in the case of an emergency, consumers can raise an emergency alert within the app.

Technology used in the Placie app can easily scale to provide trip planning in many major cities around the world. The integration of companies such as Ola and taxi backend dispatch systems are also scalable and in use in many markets, ensuring that Placie can readily be implemented in other countries.
Beyond rideshares, taxis and public transport, Placie also has the ability to aggregate services such as airport shuttles, chauffeured vehicles, car rental, car-share, e-scooter and carparking.

Placie was soft launched in January 2021 as a Beta version, and officially launched nationwide in November 2021. Placie has already helped tens of thousands of Australians get from A to B smarter, faster, and cheaper, putting users of the app in the driver’s seat to make informed decisions on various modes they may take to complete their trips.

Learn more about Placie

Placie is Australia’s first Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) business that natively integrates public and private modes of transport into the one app. Placie has partnered with Australia’s leading Transport Service Providers such as 13Cabs, Silvertop Taxis, Ola, Black & White Taxis, Skybus and many more to create a neutral marketplace for consumers. Placie allows consumers to book and pay for all private modes of transport within the app with their Placie account and wallet, hence does not deep-link to other apps. Placie Horizon 1 focuses on Public Transport, Taxi, Rideshare and Shuttle bus aggregation and has multi-modal routing capabilities thanks to our backend provider, Skedgo. Placie Horizon-2 is expanding the transport mode offering to integrate with e-scooters/bikes, Parking, Car Rental and Car-sharing. Placie launched in 2021 and was incubated out of Ltd (CAR-ASX).


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