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3 July 2019

ITS Australia Vision Statement for MaaS

ITS Australia



Mobility as a Service offers the potential to drastically improve customer choices, reduce travel costs, increase network capacity and transport sustainability while improving social and environmental outcomes. To support these goals ITS Australia undertakes to work with government and industry to shape opportunities for MaaS in Australia that:

  • Promotes the efficient movement of people and goods to improve safety, and productivity, and reduces congestion and environmental impacts.
  • Encourages a vibrant and competitive industry sector and supports effective MaaS deployment.
  • Builds on the existing public transport network and supports improved access to transport options for all customers.
  • Enhances transport access and mobility options to customers across metropolitan and regional centres that Australians live and work in.
  • Is inclusive and responsive to the socio-demographic and mobility needs of all customers, balancing innovation and improvements against equitable access for all Australians.
  • Offers interoperable open access solutions that encourage competition and enable effective data sharing while managing privacy and security concerns.
  • Aims to be more convenient than individual use of private vehicles.

To further the effective and equitable development of MaaS in Australia a National Reference Committee has been established to continue the collaboration that has been fostered during the development of the ITS Australia report Mobility as a Service in Australia: Customer insights and opportunities and to strive for the best outcomes for MaaS and on-demand transport for all Australians.

The steering committee is made up of project participants and other key industry players to ensure a broad range of expertise can contribute to and collaborate on the development of Mobility as a Service in Australia. Through sharing updates on activities in respective jurisdictions and organisations; including research, trials, and international engagement.

For more information or to get updates on MaaS in Australia please contact us.

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