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  • ITS Tech Talk - 2 What is Required to Manage and Operate a Roadway?

ITS Tech Talk - 2 What is Required to Manage and Operate a Roadway?

Thu 08 Oct 2020


Webinar recording is available in the ITS Australia Portal.

ITS Australia's ITS Tech Talk series is transport technology 101. Each episode will serve as an introduction to one key part of the ITS industry. . . this is episode 2.

What does it take to manage a roadway? Like most of our jobs, it is more complex than people may first think. This presentation will take a look at the breadth of tasks that go into successful managing a road network. It will explore the various duties undertaken to help the community traverse the arterial network safety and efficiently. Register for this, and all of our upcoming ITS Tech Talks, through the ITS Australia Portal.

What you will learn

  • Gain an understanding of the tasks involved in operating and managing a road network
  • Understand the breadth and variety of tasks involved
  • Understand the challenges faced in managing the road network

Who should attend

  • Early career transport professionals
  • Industry professionals who do not hold technical roles, but wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the tasks undertaken by Road Authorities
  • Industry professionals who wish to learn about a different part of their industry


  • Free for ITS Australia members
  • $20/session for non-members


Daniel Suter Principal Consultant / Transmax

Your questions answered by our presenter

Get in touch with Transmax.

With Brisbane City Council using SCATS and DTMR using STREAMS, does this present challenges in coordinating intersections along a roadway where some intersections are BCC and others are DTMR owned? Can you coordinate a BCC intersection with a DTMR intersection?

How are the improvements/outcome through a Corridor measured after a set of changes made?

Can the 2 systems interact or have intersystem monitoring?

I am looking forward to use bluetooth detector in the STREAMS.

Could you touch on what software tools you use to help draft and capture traffic signaling design.

Do you make suggestions for improvement to signage before intersections? (eg. No right turn ahead, left turn only lane ahead etc)?

What security do you employ to ensure that some rogue agent does not cause havoc with traffic eg. congestion everywhere due to mis-controlling the signals?

There has been discussion over the years about phase based controls which you referred to today and the new range of movement based controllers. Is there a big advantage with movement based control and what are these?

Given that there are semi-regular changes to the road network how are these reflected and updated back into the traffic control tools. Is there an option to automate this?

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