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  • ITS Tech Talk 4 - What is AI and Where Do We See it on Roads Now?

ITS Tech Talk 4 - What is AI and Where Do We See it on Roads Now?


ITS Australia's ITS Tech Talk series is transport technology 101. Each episode will serve as an introduction to one key part of the ITS industry . . . this is episode 4.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven road safety network aims to make Australian roads safer, reduce congestion, save lives and save money. Register for this, and all of our upcoming ITS Tech Talks, through the ITS Australia Portal.

Key topics

  • A primer of AI
  • Future Transport and the role of AI
  • A few exemplary case studies
  • Potentials and limits of AI in transport

What you will learn

  • Demystification of AI: what’s under the hood, what it can do and can not do
  • The state of the art applications of AI in transport
  • How may AI transforms business operations and deliver benefits

Who should attend

  • Early career transport professionals
  • Industry professionals on data analytics, modelling and system engineering
  • Corporate technology leads, project managers and executives


Dr Chen Cai Senior Manager / Ernst & Young

Your questions answered by our presenter

Get in touch with Data61 CSIRO.

Given the vast change in data pre Covid and its uniqueness, in transport use/movements, do you think AI or ML is better suited for similar data changes in the future (not another pandemic though!)

Do you think with AI CAVs can work with no road signs or lining?

Is CCTV integration on Gateway Bridge correlating physically measured events to their cause ie. vehicle?

Can we predict when AI will not interpret input correctly?



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