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  • Supporting Commercial Scale Automated Vehicle Trials in Australia

Supporting Commercial Scale Automated Vehicle Trials in Australia

Wed 20 May 2020


The National Transport Commission (NTC) is about to consult on updates to the guidelines of trials of automated vehicles in Australia.

Early trials of automated vehicles in states and territories relied on exemptions from state laws such as the road rules and road safety acts, without any uniform guidance for governments and trialling organisations. The guidelines were developed to lessen the risk of differing conditions for trials across states and territories, which might add cost to industry and slow the uptake of automated vehicles and the benefits that they can provide.

This webinar will discuss the guidelines and we want to hear from you on whether the guidelines have been of assistance to governments and trialling organisations and if they can be updated to further ensure a nationally consistent and safe approach to trials.


Rahila David Principal Policy Advisor / National Transport Commission
Greg Giraud Managing Director - Australia and New Zealand / EasyMile

Webinar Q&A

We have seen covid-19 leading to the public relaxing their privacy concerns in favour of health benefits. Given AV is part of the mobility solution when will we see a larger maas trial in Australia where data is shared and av is part of the solution?

In the post COVID era with increasing unemployment should is there really a case for governments to spend money on large scale trials of a technology that replaces public transport drivers who by all accounts are safer drivers than automated driving systems?

Public transport is typically 75% subsidised by government. There is a lot of pressure on the affordability of providing these services. So how does new costly technology overcome this challenge?

Are shuttles more likely to be viable on a large scale deployment compared to automation of light vehicles or freight vehicles

In your view, what's the role of policy in all of this?

The problem appears a classic chicken and egg; large scale deployment in Australia is needed to achieve commercial outcomes but to facilitate this and attract best technology their needs to be upfront investment. How can we work collectively to get through this difficult period?

It’s really important that we move from the trial phase we have been in now for around 4 years. We have seen a couple of limited applications, but how do we move to the larger scale automated bus services that Greg Giraud presented?

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