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  • Data Guidelines, Frameworks, Protocols, and Standards for Sharing

Data Guidelines, Frameworks, Protocols, and Standards for Sharing

Wed 08 Jul 2020


With the increasing importance of data and analytics in our industry, important questions remain unanswered about what legacy, security, and privacy concerns must be addressed, how, by who, and when?

An integrated platform for dynamic routing, multi-modal payments etc. can only be realised through the open exchange of data between both private and public entities. The terms of that exchange, however, are likely to require negotiation to meet the varying needs of each party.

The transport sector is working towards establishing protocols for what data is collected, how it is anonymised, where it is sorted, and what its intended use is. Key to this is building public awareness and transparency around the value this digital sharing model will bring, and increasing public trust in the responsibility of those entities tasked with storing and handling data. Only once this is accomplished will the adoption and acceptance of data sharing into transport, and other, platforms be possible.

An interesting scenario today is the COVIDsafe app. A higher than anticipated number of people have downloaded and used it because the value was clear: health benefits as well as a pathway to ease the remarkable restrictions on everyday life that we all faced this year. We need to follow the same model for mobility data sharing, by defining the value proposition clearly to citizens and coming to an agreement on policy standard definitions at the Transport Service Provider or Mobility Service Provider level in the public-private ecosystem.



David Apelt Product Evangelist, Emerging Technology & Innovation / Transmax
David Buckley-Bolt Director Sales and Solutions APAC / SKIDATA

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