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Policy & Advocacy

Projects and Engagement

Working with our members to improve outcomes for our industry and communities through a range of activities including research, stakeholder engagement, and workshops.


ITS Australia, in partnership with our members, works to design relevant and effective research projects to support a range of transport industry activities and goals. At ITS Australia, we build relationships, advocate for industry, and engage with government to inform and advise. ITS Australia plays a key role in the promoting and supporting the transport technology industry across both government and the broader community, nationally and internationally.

Future Vehicles & Infrastructure

Vehicles that are connected and automated, including driverless vehicles, provide opportunities for safer travel, lower costs, more transport choices, and less road congestion.

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Future Mobility

At ITS Australia we work with our members and the broader industry nationally and internationally to prepare for and deliver these innovations. We do this through our events and stakeholder engagement activities and we also develop original research projects through the iMOVE CRC.

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Transport Data & Information

Data may be the new oil but that's only because it's pretty useless unless it's extracted and refined, and like oil it can also cause unintended issues. ITS Australia are working with members to better understand the transport data ecosystem and work to harmonise data sharing to improve outcomes for our networks, communities and industry.

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ITS Standards

ITS Australia and our members are actively involved in the development of standards to support the ITS community, both internationally and within Australia.

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Statements & Submissions

ITS Australia publishes regular statements and submissions in response to a range of important government inquiries and industry consultations. These statements and submissions are prepared in consultation with the ITS Australia Policy Committee and approved by the ITS Australia Board of Directors

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International Engagement

ITS Australia builds relationships with a broad range of international stakeholders, as well as our fellow ITS Associations across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.

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Membership of ITS Australia offers a range of benefits

We are Australia's largest single gathering of private companies, government agencies, and academic institutions dedicated to the research, development, and deployment of ITS technologies in Australia.
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