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  • SAGE Group Launches Internet of Things (IoT) Data Capture Device

5 November 2020

SAGE Group Launches Internet of Things (IoT) Data Capture Device

ITS Australia


Road authorities, tourism operators and local government are set to benefit from a new IoT data capture device that drives informed decision-making and long-term planning.

SAGE Edge is an Australian-made IoT capture device, which SAGE Group has started to install in large volumes across most Australian states and territories, creating a wide network of trusted devices.

Launched by Australia’s largest independent system integrator, SAGE, the innovative data capture application is already changing the way Transport and Smart Cities clients use data to improve community and transport network user experiences.

Driving informed decision-making for communities and businesses

Using wireless detection methods, SAGE Edge collects data for analysis in custom algorithms for understanding pedestrian and traffic movement patterns. This dataset supports decision-making and planning for public services and business groups.

SAGE General Manager of Transport, Damian Hewitt, has seen SAGE Edge developed from providing useful information to a highly sought-after solution delivering critical data for the industry.

Mr Hewitt expressed the device’s importance to local communities, both now and in the future.

“In order for Australia to move forward and create future Smart Cities, sophisticated data collection devices and dashboarding is pivotal. With the right data, and interpretation, smart decisions and future planning can be made,” he said.

The Edge device is scalable and designed for use in both large quantities and for smaller networks such as local councils. It can be paired with SAGE Edge’s Centralised Management and Monitoring System (CMMS), to enable remote monitoring and management of devices across a network.

SAGE Edge is already demonstrating value for civil planning, providing quantitative measurement of retail disruption and project success during civil works in a revitalisation project for the City of Unley.

Compatible with a number of different software types, customers can have the information displayed on a dashboard or receive raw information directly. Other applications of SAGE Edge to-date include:

  • Variable Message Sign control
  • Interfacing with traffic signals (SCATS)
  • Pedestrian detection in public areas such as parks and gardens and tourism areas
  • Monitoring of car speeds in school zones within local council regions to improve safety
  • Coupled with data sources for asset monitoring.

A number of trials have supported the evolution of the Edge device to enable its use for cost-efficient, real-time decentralised controls.



The SAGE Edge Team (L to R): Senior Systems Engineer, Ashby Martin; System Engineer, Keith Man; Engineering Officer, San Tran; Project Manager, Sam Woods.

The SAGE Edge Team (L to R): Senior Systems Engineer, Ashby Martin; System Engineer, Keith Man; Engineering Officer, San Tran; Project Manager, Sam Woods.

SAGE Edge technical specifications

SAGE Edge connects with existing area sensors, integrates with traffic signals and future vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

As well as using iBeacon signalling, SAGE Edge uses Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and Low Address Part (LAP) to capture a high volume of data.

The device can be installed in a variety of formats, including in-cabinet capture stations, 4G pole-mounted capture stations to energy-efficient 60W and 150W Solar 4G solutions, with the ability to monitor battery health and solar performance.

About SAGE Group

SAGE Group is a global company with a team of more than 470 people across their 12 offices. As a specialist industrial services provider, SAGE has five specialist business units who combine their expertise to support clients to lead into the future.

SAGE Group companies SAGE Automation and Traffic Control Systems (TCS) deliver and develop technologies that make integrated, smart and accessible transport systems of the future.

Read more about SAGE

SAGE Automation

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