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  • New Vehicle Efficiency Standards an Important Step in Australia’s Sustainable Transport Future

5 February 2024

New Vehicle Efficiency Standards an Important Step in Australia’s Sustainable Transport Future

ITS Australia


ITS Australia welcomes the Australian Government’s announcement to introduce a New Vehicle Efficient Standard (NVES).

The NVES will be an important step in reducing carbon emissions from light vehicles and is a measure that should form part of a coordinated approach to a more sustainable transport system.

Importantly, the proposed policy would bring Australia in line with other developed nations, most of whom have introduced vehicle efficiency standards.

ITS Australia CEO Susan Harris welcomed the announcement as an opportunity for the automotive industry to lean into its innovation capabilities.

“The introduction of vehicle efficiency standards will encourage the industry to increase the range of fuel-efficient vehicles that are supplied into the Australian market, giving Australians greater choice,” said Ms Harris.

“With the adoption of a NVES, Australia will join an international community that is inspiring vehicle manufacturers to harness technology and develop low emission vehicles that are affordable and attractive to consumers.”

As well as the environmental benefits, expanding low emission vehicles could offer additional safety benefits for Australians.

“From a technology perspective, modern low emission vehicles are more likely to come fully equipped with a range of technology innovations and safety technology not always offered in traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.” said Ms Harris.

“ITS Australia supports policy change that creates a transport system that is not only more sustainable, but advances safety, efficiency and equity for all.”

The Government is running a consultation period to seek feedback from the community and industry on the final design of a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, which is accepting submissions until 4 March 2024.

Anyone interested in making a submission can do so at:

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