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  • Infrastructure Victoria Advice on Automated and Zero Emissions Vehicles Publication

27 November 2018

Infrastructure Victoria Advice on Automated and Zero Emissions Vehicles Publication

ITS Australia



In October 2018, Infrastructure Victoria published its Advice on Automated and Zero Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure, advising the government and the private sector to take action to ensure the state positions itself to realise the significant potential of these emerging vehicle technologies. In support of the advice, ITS Australia prepared the following submission for the Hon. Luke Donnellan, Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety.


We write to support Infrastructure Victoria in their advice to the Victorian Government on the potential infrastructure scenarios for deployment of zero emission and automated vehicles, this is an important piece of preparatory work and is of course of material interest to our members.

We particularly wish to commend Infrastructure Victoria for the strength of their evidence-based approach and the collaborative nature of the work the consultants engaged undertook to ensure we are building on the existing body of research and understanding to better grasp the challenges and opportunities these technologies offer.

A key consideration that is agreed across the industry, in the public and private sector, is the need for collaboration and cross-jurisdictional standards and policy frameworks.

Different approaches to and assumptions underlying various modelling and scenario planning activities across jurisdictions can lead to conclusions that are inconsistent as they assess the impacts of emerging technologies.

To better understand these challenges, ITS Australia is offering to host a national roundtable in early 2019 to explore different modelling approaches and assumptions for connected and automated vehicles. We will extend an invitation to key Victorian government representatives and look forward to their participation.

Governments and organisations like Infrastructure Victoria are crucial in planning for the future of transport and crafting the policy and regulatory frameworks in which they operate, and importantly, working with their communities on building understanding and consensus for these exciting opportunities.

ITS Australia commends the Victorian Government and Infrastructure Victoria in looking to gain a better understanding of these important once-in-a-generation opportunities and are keenly interested in supporting the on-going planning that paves the way for way for future transport technology in Victoria and across Australia.

To continue these important conversations we would be keen to engage with your office on these and other activities going forward. For your consideration we have also attached the ITS Australia Statement on Connected and Automated Vehicles.

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