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28 October 2020

ITS Australia Awards Showcase – Week Two

ITS Australia


This week, we spotlight more of the teams, projects and technologies in this year's ITS Australia National Awards.

Q-Free Australia

Protecting Vulnerable Road Users while Promoting Sustainable Transportation: Q-Free’s Cycle Priority and Safety Program
Finalist for the Intelligent Mobility Award

Increased traffic in cities as well as mandates to lower pollution levels are driving changes in transportation policies. Using sustainable power, Q-Free’s bicycle and pedestrian monitoring technology detects and protects vulnerable road users in multi-modal environments via integration with traffic signals and safety warning signs. In addition, authorities can both motivate and communicate with their community while stimulating their sustainable transportation goals using outdoor active information displays.

Directed Technologies

Ambulance Victoria Next Generation ITS Solution
Finalist for the Intelligent Mobility Award

Responding to the mission-critical needs of emergency responders, this Australian designed and built Ambulance Victoria connected vehicle ITS solution is deeply embedded into the vehicle electronics and onboard body auxiliary systems, generating unprecedented mission-critical telematics insights into safety system activation, occupant detection, and emergency equipment charging status. Coupled with cloud analytics, the data and learnings have led to improved safety outcomes for paramedics, patients, and the public.

Transport for NSW

Multi-Modal Performance Reporting
Finalist for the Excellence in Transport Data Award

Transport for NSW generates significant amount of data from Bus, Ferry, Light Rail, Metro and Heavy Rail modes every day. Multi-Modal Performance Reporting harnesses the power of data to improve customer services and manage the performance of Bus, Ferry, Light Rail and Metro operators. The vehicle journey and timetable data are shared through Open Data portal to enable self-service supporting Future Transport Strategy 2056.


M8 Tunnel Remote Access Testing Solution
Finalist for the Smart Transport Infrastructure Award

SICE delivered the OMCS and the ITS systems for WestConnex M8 Tunnel. During its delivery, the COVID-19 outbreak greatly endangered the delivery of the project's Testing and Commissioning. SICE quickly reacted by implementing a secure and reliable remote access solution, which provided the stakeholders with access to the tests without requiring to be physically present. This solution allowed the project to perform all the scheduled tests on time.

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