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22 October 2020

ITS Australia Awards Showcase – Week One

ITS Australia


This year's ITS Australia Awards received the largest ever number of submissions. Over the next few week's we'll feature some of the outstanding technologies and projects that are part of this year's Awards.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving (CHAD) Public Experience - an Australian first
Finalist for the Connected and Automated Vehicle Award

Cooperative and automated vehicle technologies will change the way people travel. Queensland University of Technology and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads continue to develop an understanding of community need and perception. Through the Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving (CHAD) Experience, over 70 members of the public participated in a research program that measured their awareness prior, during and following an on-road demonstration in ZOE2 – Australia’s first Level 4 Automated Vehicle.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Transport and Main Roads Transport Data Exchange
Finalist for the Excellence in Transport Data Award

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has developed a strategic cloud analytics framework to unleash the full potential of its data to connect Queenslanders and create an integrated transport network accessible to everyone. The Transport Data Exchange (TDx) is helping break down data silos and store, organise and integrate TMR's vast quantities of data to enable analytics at scale, unlock new opportunities and enable more informed decision making.


Audit Specification for Infrastructure Readiness to Support Automated Driving
Finalist for the Connected and Automated Vehicle Award

In October 2019 Austroads published a new way to measure the readiness of road networks to support automated driving on freeways and highways using vision sensors and machine learning. The ability of physical and digital infrastructure to support automated driving will directly impact the scale and timing of the deployment of vehicles equipped with this life-saving technology.

Cohda Wireless

C-ITS (V2X) Technology in Production Vehicles
Finalist for the Connected and Automated Vehicle Award

Cohda’s C-ITS technology features in over 60% of connected vehicle trials worldwide. The company is a partner-of-choice for OEMs and Tier One manufacturers, most recently Volkswagen. VW’s new Golf 8 features the ‘Car2X’ solution which includes Cohda’s standard V2X communication stacks, safety applications and NXP’s RoadLINK® V2X solution, also supported by Cohda. This positions local technology at the forefront of the global shift to a connected intelligent transport system.


TripGo API, SDK and White Label
Finalist for the Intelligent Mobility Award

SkedGo provides groundbreaking Mobility-as-a-Service technology. Their solutions enable governments, corporations and startups to provide greener and more accessible transport routing to their citizens, employees and customers. SkedGo's unique proprietary algorithms support more connected, inclusive and sustainable travel. Born from a desire to reduce single occupancy car use, SkedGo's routing algorithm aggregates all available transport modes to provide travellers with mobility options tailored to their personal preferences.

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ITS Australia Awards Showcase – Week Two

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ITS Australia Awards Showcase – Week Three

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