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  • Intelematics Strengthens Fleet Management Platform with ATO-Certified FBT Reporting

28 January 2021

Intelematics Strengthens Fleet Management Platform with ATO-Certified FBT Reporting

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RACV-owned Intelematics has added ATO-certified Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) reporting to its fleet management platform – strengthening its position as Australia’s leading provider of connected vehicle and mobility information.

Following ATO approval, FBT reporting is now a core feature of the Intelematics CONNECT platform. The fleet tracking and management platform provides comprehensive monitoring and tracking of all aspects of fleet health and use – including live vehicle location, driver behaviour, vehicle health and fleet optimisation.

The new FBT feature automates ATO reporting utilising GPS data securely captured and transmitted via a dongle inserted into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port. Using an electronic logbook, data required by the ATO such as odometer readings is automatically captured. Data can also be inputted manually.

Intelematics CEO, Nick Marks

Intelematics CEO, Nick Marks

The FBT feature is fully-ATO compliant. To ensure compliance, the system tracks gaps or errors in data and alerts drivers and fleet managers to ensure incorrect or incomplete data is not submitted to the ATO.

“We are proud to have received the tick of approval from the ATO and to be able to offer existing and new customers access to a system which makes FBT reporting both simple and efficient,” says Intelematics Product Manager Antony Kuzmicich.

“By combining smart technology with intuitive design, we believe our FBT feature not only takes the headache out of ATO reporting but gives businesses access to new types of data which will improve fleet management,” Antony adds.

Intelematics launched the fleet tracking and management platform CONNECT, twelve months ago and has incrementally enhanced it based on customer feedback. Uniquely, each feature can be accessed as a module or as part of the wider platform – making it unique in the Australian fleet management market.

“Intelematics is the new kid on the block when compared to more established fleet management players, but we punch well above our weight when it comes to how easy it is to access and use our products,” says CEO Nick Marks.

“Customer experience is at the top of our strategic agenda,” Marks adds. “Everything we do is designed with users in mind. We not only want to create best-in-class fleet management tools, but do so in a way which makes data easy to access and interpret – ultimately helping businesses take more informed business and investment decisions.”

ATO certification is the latest in a series of launches which has seen Intelematics’ product offering grow. In December, Intelematics added Origin-Destination data and analytics to its flagship INSIGHT tool. In November, they launched a new partnership with Toyota enhancing in-vehicle safety with their ASURE product suite.

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