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  • Infrastructure Victoria releases Good Move: Fixing Transport Congestion report.

26 March 2020

Infrastructure Victoria releases Good Move: Fixing Transport Congestion report.

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This week, Infrastructure Victoria released the research paper Good Move: Fixing Transport Congestion. The report shows how paying differently for public transport, roads and parking can deliver a better, fairer and more efficient system for us all.

The paper marks the next phase in Infrastructure Victoria’s research on transport network pricing and presents an illustrative model of how paying differently can work in Victoria, including a number of implementation options for government.

The report shows that replacing the current fixed upfront charges for cars (such as registration) and uniform fares for public transport, with flexible charging according to time of day, mode and distance, motivates people to change their travel behaviour. They change time or mode of travel and this reduces congestion across the network and creates a more efficient system. It also complements, and gets the most out of, significant government investment in new construction and increased services.

Transport network pricing provides the incentive and motivation for behaviour change. It was one of the top three recommendations in Infrastructure Victoria’s 2016 30-year Infrastructure Strategy and has been a key focus of their research over the past four years. Infrastructure Victoria’s latest research found that introducing a variable transport pricing system with discounts and concessions for fairness could result in:

• up to 85% of people paying less

• 168,000 fewer road trips per day, reducing the pressure on the road network

• people shifting modes of transport to public transport and buses.

These are only some of the benefits that transport network pricing can bring to Victoria, just as we have seen already for cities around the world that have successfully introduced transport network pricing. Benefits include reduced congestion, improved average car speeds, decreased emissions and lower costs for many people.

To read the paper and learn more about Infrastructure Victoria’s transport work, visit their website.

Infrastructure Australia

About Infrastructure Australia

Infrastructure Victoria is an independent advisory body with three functions:

Infrastructure Victoria also supports government departments and agencies in the development of sectoral infrastructure plans.

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