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14 Sep. - 16 Sep. 2022

Michigan Study Tour 2022


This September, ITS Australia and Roads Australia will host a study tour in Detroit, encompassing some of the most exciting transport technology that Michigan—the home of the U.S. automotive industry—has to offer.

Across the two-day program participants will visit a range of leading transport technology sites and will have the opportunity to attend the Detroit Auto Show. This is a rare opportunity, not to be missed.


Study Tour participants will make their own arrangements to travel to Detroit, arriving in time to join for informal welcome drinks and dinner on Wednesday 14 September. Attendees will participate in a full two-day program of site visits, meetings and access to the Detroit Motor Show on the exclusive media day. Formal activities will wrap up late afternoon on Friday, September 16, allowing for evening flights to Los Angeles to join the ITS World Congress.

American Center for Mobility

The American Center for Mobility (ACM), is a smart mobility test center with an intelligent transportation system built across more than 500 acres in Michigan. The facility features variable road systems and customizable test environments, offering the greatest density of research, design, engineering, testing, and advanced manufacturing anywhere in the world.

ACM is designed to enable testing, safe validation and self-certification of connected, automated and other emerging vehicle and infrastructure technologies, providing the infrastructure, the partnership, the repeat-ability, and the safe environment needed to research, develop, test, demonstrate and deploy next generation technologies.


Mcity operates the world’s first purpose-built proving ground for testing the performance and safety of connected and automated vehicles and technologies under controlled and realistic conditions.

The facility features state-of-the-art instrumentation and sensors throughout the facility include a control network to collect data about traffic activity using wireless, fiber optics, Ethernet, and a highly accurate real-time kinematic positioning system. Visitors will also experience patent-pending augmented reality testing technology allows physical test vehicles to interact with virtually connected vehicles in real time inside the facility


Cavnue is developing and integrating technologies that will power the world’s most technologically connected roads. Their approach is centered around creating a digital model of a roadway that analyses and optimises road conditions in real-time, shares information, and provides proactive guidance to vehicles and drivers. This supports enhanced safety, efficiency, and road operating environments.

Cavnue is developing a first-of-its-kind connected corridor in southeast Michigan. Cavnue was selected by the Michigan Department of Transportation to bring together technology and infrastructure to create a connected corridor improving safety, congestion, accessibility, and other benefits for the state. With partners spanning sectors — Michigan’s state government and the City of Detroit, the University of Michigan, the Ford Motor Company, and others — Cavnue is starting work to pilot, plan, and potentially develop a Connected and Automated Vehicle Corridor between downtown Detroit and Ann Arbor.


To accelerate carbon neutrality, Electreon created a cost-effective, end-to-end wireless charging infrastructure that minimises the environmental impacts of EV batteries and reduces the burden of transport on the electrical grid. Their wireless charging technology enables electric vehicles to charge while parked, idling or driving—eliminating limited driving range while lowering EV operating costs for fleet operators.

Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show will return to Detroit with a focus on electric vehicles and emerging technology as well as activations including street course ride-alongs on the Grand Prix's future downtown circuit.

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ITS Australia
Roads Australia
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Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Michigan Department of Transport
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