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Connected and Automated Vehicles

Paving the way for connected and automated transport

Vehicles that are connected and automated, including driverless vehicles, provide opportunities for safer travel, lower costs, more transport choices, and less road congestion.


ITS Australia, in collaboration with Australian State and Federal transport authorities and the transport industry, is actively working to advance Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology. This emerging transport technology has the potential to drastically improve the safety, productivity, and sustainability of our transport networks.

In Australia, the avoidable cost of congestion across our capital cities is $25 billion per year. By 2030, that annual figure is predicted to rise to as much as $40 billion. In the future, connected and automated vehicles, alongside digital infrastructure, will enable better utilisation of existing road assets, will reduce congestion, and will bring about revolutionary change in Australian road use.

Australia is a globally recognised testbed for connected and automated vehicle technology. Across the country, both government and private industry have embarked upon an ambitious and widespread series of connected and automated vehicle trials. These trials, using both cellular V2X and DSRC, are governed by a nationally consistent, regulatory and operational guidelines.

Our work progressing connected and automated transport

ITS Australia Statement on Connected and Automated Vehicles

ITS Australia supports existing and emerging CAV pilots and trials underway in Australia

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Integrated connected data for safer more efficient traffic management operations

This world-leading research by a multi-party government led team examines untapped data sources with the potential to revolutionise transport management. Examining how to better leverage existing data and technology; and embracing the opportunities offered by connected vehicles; the project will discover how data will deliver safer, faster and more efficient road travel, shaping a future of seamless mobility.

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Report on the Connected Transport Roundtable

This Connected Transport Roundtable was convened by ITS Australia to bring together leaders in transport technology in Australia and internationally. With representatives across international experts, Australian States, Federal Departments, FCAI, iMOVE, and OEM’s. - Brian Negus developed the report published below.

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We are Australia's largest single gathering of private companies, government agencies, and academic institutions dedicated to the research, development, and deployment of ITS technologies in Australia.
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