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  • ITS2 Series Episode 1: Smart Motorways

ITS2 Series Episode 1: Smart Motorways

Wed 03 Feb 2021


In this inaugural episode of our ITS2 series of webinars—in collaboration with ITS United Kingdom—our experts share best practice in transport technology between the two nations. These webinars will look at technology advancements that are common to both countries and compare how they have been implemented.

This first webinar examines the rollout of smart motorways in the two countries, their similarities and differences, public perception and the future.

With all-lane running on smart motorways in the UK getting some negative press at the moment, leading personal injuries lawyer Steven Baylis of Lime Solicitors gives a legal view of the risks of the concept, while UK-Australian consultant Paul Glover, Technical Director ITS at GHD gives his view on implementation. The panel will be completed by Alex Torday from Aimsun explaining how transport modelling can help in traffic management and training on these highly signalised stretches of road.

Upcoming webinars:

  • Episode #2: Active Travel - Wednesday 10 March
  • Episode #3: Automated Vehicles - Wednesday 7 April



Jennie Martin Secretary General / ITS United Kingdom
Susan Harris Chief Executive Officer / ITS Australia
Paul Hutton Communications Manager / ITS United Kingdom / Founder, PH Initiatives
Steven Baylis Partner / Lime Solicitors (UK)
Dr Alexandre Torday Chief Executive Officer / Aimsun Group
Paul Glover Technical Director - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) / GHD


The ITS2 series is a partnership between ITS United Kingdom and ITS Australia as we share best practice in transport technology across the globe.

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