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Connectivity in C-ITS - Final Report

Investigating connectivity to improve road safety and efficiency


The Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C‐ITS) combine information technology and mobile communication to enable data and command transmissions between vehicles, roadside infrastructure and a central management systems, in order to improve roadway safety for all users, as well as traffic flow efficiency in the network.

The recent technological advancements in vehicle‐to‐vehicle and vehicle‐to‐infrastructure communications (vehicle connectivity, in general), wireless sensors, video analytics, artificial intelligence, edge computing and IoT can support and accelerate cooperative transport systems for Australian cities. However, the potential safety and efficiency benefits from connected vehicles are unlikely to be realised in the immediate future in Australia due to the age of our fleet and the limited connectivity of new vehicles.

There is a potential to increase the number of compatible connected vehicles within the Australian fleet over the next decade through the fitting of after‐market devices and/or increasing the demand of consumers for connectivity to be enabled in new vehicles arriving in Australia.

The iMOVE project 1:020 Connectivity in C-ITS project delivered an exhaustive literature review and undertook interviews and workshops with key stakeholders nationally and internationally and analysed responses. Following an assessment of case studies and existing applications of technologies in a range of use cases an investigation of Victorian road accident data identified a number of findings that could improve safety outcomes for our communities both in urban and regional environments.

    The comprehensive research and analysis includes:

    As transitional technologies these applications could be more cost effectively and simply deployed once proven most use cases do not require real-time data but could be deployed broadly through existing technologies and mapping services already widely available.

    This research is funded by iMOVE CRC and supported by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative.

    ITS Australia led this project with research partner The University of Melbourne to better understand how connectivity and intelligent transport systems can improve safety and productivity outcomes for our communities and networks.

    We would like to thank our project partners the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development, Transport and Communications and the University of Melbourne and participants IAG, Intelematics and Transmax.

      Connectivity in C-ITS

      Project partners and participants

      The University of Melbourne
      Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
      Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG)
      IMOVE Australia

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