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  • SkedGo Launches Partnership to Accelerate MaaS in Japan

25 July 2021

SkedGo Launches Partnership to Accelerate MaaS in Japan

ITS Australia


Global Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) tech enabler SkedGo has partnered with AI Base Technology to accelerate seamless mobility development across Japan.

The new collaboratively built platform ‘Fukurou GO’ will predominantly target municipalities, prefectures, and transit agencies in Japan. SkedGo delivers the MaaS front end and tailored routing technology. AI Base’s behavioural analytics capabilities, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, provides deep data analysis to the platform hosts.

Korhan Saglam, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at AI Base Technology G.K., says: “Fukurou GO is a new, ground-breaking mobility service platform for Japan, which integrates all available mobility models. Through innovative use of AI & human centric technologies and predictions, it helps ensure mobility for everyone in Japan.

“We are facing major changes in how people travel in Japan, due to megatrends such as urbanisation, population growth and decarbonisation. With Fukurou GO, we not only offer a public service, but also provide data services to analyse mobility trends. In partnering with SkedGo, we will combine our AI and data analytics technology with the best routing capabilities currently on the market.”

John Nuutinen, CEO of SkedGo, says: “This is an exciting opportunity for us to enter the Japanese market together with an experienced and forward-thinking local partner. We hope to create a symbiotic relationship which delivers a superior user experience and value proposition to our prospective Japanese customers.

“MaaS has the potential to transform how we consume travel and given Japan’s exceptionally well built public transport system, we think a leading-edge MaaS platform will do extremely well in the country.”

John Nuutinen, SkedGo CEO

John Nuutinen, SkedGo CEO

About SkedGo

SkedGo provides award-winning mobility-as-a-service technology – for start-ups, corporations and governments. Our senior developer team creates highly tailored and localised products leveraging our unique API, SDKs and white label solutions.

The result: organisations can rapidly create their own multi/mixed modal MaaS offering, including parking, book & pay features, events and itineraries as well as complete corporate mobility solutions.


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